10 Products You Don’t Really Need, But You Will Definitely Want to Buy

As soon as you become a mother, there are certain products you simply cannot do without in the day-to-day care of your baby. On the other hand, there are also lots of products you can do without; however, taking care of your baby will be easier – and a lot more fun – if you do have them. Here are 10 products you might not need, but you will really like to have on hand.

Always stay attuned to your baby
Baby Monitor

  1. Video monitor: It certainly is not a necessity, but it can get rid of a lot of the stress associated with leaving your baby in his own room. You can even pair it with your smart phone.
  2. Travel Warmer: This is a great item for parents who travel a lot. It can heat your baby’s food without the necessity of a plug or batteries.
  3. Sound Machine: This item can play your choice of melodies or white noise, all of which are intended to sooth your baby to sleep and keep him that way.
  4. The Doddle & Co Pop: This pacifier’s nipple pops back into a protective silicone shell when your baby is not using it, so you do not have to worry that it will get dirty if dropped.
  5. Lalabu Soothe Shirt: This baby-wearing shirt combines a carrying pouch that the baby sits in, and a nursing tank top – so breastfeeding is no problem.
  6. Soapbox Plush Washcloths: Insert liquid soap into these Disney characters, get them wet, and have a fun time bathing baby!
  7. Buster Vacuum Cleaner: For older babies, this vacuum cleaner doubles as a ride on “bike” and helps keep things tidy.
  8. Baby Butt Fan: Completely air-dry your baby’s bottom after diaper changing to protect against diaper rash.
  9. The Monkey Bottle Hugger: It looks like a plush toy, but it holds baby’s bottle, keeping the contents at a constant temperature, prevents condensation and gives your baby an easy grip.
  10. Baby Food Dispenser Spoon: Fill the bulb, which attaches to the spoon end, with up to three ounces of your baby’s favorite food, and then dispense it one spoonful at a time.