The Five Main Advantages of All in Two Diapers that will Make You Want Them for Your Baby

Believe it or not, cloth diapers have made a huge comeback in the past year. One big reason is that parents are learning about the surprising advantages in using all in two diapers. These are a far cry from the wrap and safety pin-style nappies your grandmother used! The latest evolution of cloth diapers is made up of waterproof shells (or “covers”) that use reusable inserts called “soakers.” Most parents prefer these nappies for five simple reasons. 


The biggest advantage of all in two diapers is that they are reusable. After buying 4 or 5 covers per child along with several inserts, you never need to buy diapers again.While the initial investment may seem a little high, they more than pay for themselves in the long run. Just toss the inserts into the wash at the end of the day and you can reuse them indefinitely. 

Easy to Use 

Ever struggle with complicated Velcro closures while your baby is anxious to leave the changing table? Many brands like Parents Choice Diapers use Velcro or aplix closures that can be tricky to use on the go. All in two diapers make this much easier by using simple snap closures.  

Space Saver 

Planning a trip to the park for a few hours? Just bring a cover and a few inserts and you’re ready to go! For small messes, just remove the insert and keep it in a plastic bag to wash later. Then, slide in a fresh insert. You may want to bring along a second cover for bigger messes just in case. 

One Size Fits All 

The covers fit all sizes comfortably up until a certain age. Another great advantageis that you can mix and match the inserts between brands. 


Unlike disposables, all in two diapers are made of comfortable absorbent cloth that may be easier on your baby’s skin. Some parents even notice a reduction in bad diaper rash when using these. 

If you consider the savings to your wallet, time, and insanity, it’s no wonder that all in two diapers are making a comeback.