Protect Your Family: Always Know Where Your Child is Using the Amber Alert GPS Safety Wearable 

What is the most frightening thing that can happen to a parent? Undoubtedly losing a child is the worst nightmare we can think of. Now, there is a simple way to avoid it with the Amber Alert GPS Safety Wearable.

Did you know that

  • On average, parents report a missing child in America every 40 seconds.
  • That means that until you finish reading this post, 2-3 children will be reported missing.
  • An astonishing 90% of families will experience losing a child in a public area, and 20% of those families will go through this ordeal more than once.
  • The majority of these incidents are usually brief and innocuous – a child wanders out of sight when parents are distracted for just a moment. But, unfortunately, some of those incidents don’t feature a happy ending

How the Amber Alert GPS Safety Wearable Can Protect Your Children?

As anyone who lost his or her child – even briefly – can attest, those are the scariest moments in a parent’s life.

Know where your kid is

With the help of AT&T’s 3G network and built-in GPS, the Amber Alert GPS Safety Wearable allows you to easily and accurately check your child’s location from your iPhone or Android app, table or computer through a secure online portal. You will be able to see where your kid is at the moment as well as where he has been and for how long.



You benefit from the additional safety features:

  • Easy to carry – The device is lightweight and small. It can fit virtually anywhere on a child – in a pocket, backpack, jacket or clip underneath clothing. With multiple attachment accessories, you can decide how to wear the device.
  • Stay connected – You can always see your child’s locations via smartphone companion app or an online dashboard
  • Stay updated– The system automatically updates every 5 minutes.
  • Panic Button – In case of an emergency, your child can press an SOS button for 4 seconds and an immediate email or/and text notification will be sent to you with her accurate location.
  • Breadcrumbing – You can set a schedule in advance for receiving notifications about your child’s location.
  • Set a safety perimeter– You can create unlimited customized zones (virtual boundaries) and receive an email or text alert anytime the device enters or exits these boundaries.
  • Your child doesn’t need acellphone Connect with two-way voice functionality.
  • Easy to communicate – Your child and you can talk any time by just pushing a button. The device contains a powerful speakerphone and a built-in mic.
  • Speed alert – You can set a speed limit when driving with your child in your car. If you exceed the limit, you immediately get alerted.
  • UNIQUE:Sexual predator alert – You get a text alert and/or an email notification every time your child is located 500 feet from a registered sex offender’s residence.
  • Battery alert – Get alerted through text and/or email when battery reaches below 15%.
  • Your child is protected from mal-content – The devise contains no screen preventing any exposure to online improper materials and cyber-bullying.

The Amber Alert GPS Safety Wearable has been ranked #1 GPS Tracker for the past 4 years by Top Ten Reviews and offers unprecedented value and peace of mind.
Thousands of satisfied customers are already using it all across the United States and Canada

Always know where your little ones are

Your child’s safety is in your hand!