Nanobebe Pacifier – My Choice to Sooth My Baby

Nanobebe Pacifier

Some babies refuse to take a dummy. That was exactly the case with my second child. No matter what, she wouldn’t agree to put anything that even resembled a pacifier. I tried all existing brands to no avail. I was about to give up (saying to...


Hollywood Wax Museum in Hollywood, CA

Hollywood Wax Museum

Do you want to see movie stars? Do you want to learn some interesting stuff about their personal lives (For instance, Salma Hayek had a tiger as a pet when she was a child). The Hollywood Wax Museum in Hollywood is where you should go. Visitors...


Is Organic Baby Formula Worth the Higher Price?

Organic baby formula

When deciding how best to feed your baby, there are several options available. Infant formula is convenient and nutritionally complete, and a worthy alternative if you choose not to breastfeed. There is a growing interest in organic baby formula...