Why Opting For an Avent Pacifier – A Mother’s Point Of View

At First, I Was Against Baby Pacifiers…I have binkies, lots of binkies. I got binkies at my baby showers. I got them as gifts after I brought my daughter home from the hospital. In fact, I even got an Avent pacifier from the hospital when she was born.

When she was six weeks old, I was past worrying about her developing a sucking habit and more worried about her teeth and jaw. Her father and I both had braces as kids. I want her to avoid that grief.

But I eventually gave in…

When I realized that my daughter was calmer when sucking, I let her suck away. There was no point in trying to train a tiny baby to stop doing what came naturally. After all, the first time I saw her face was during an ultrasound. She was sucking her tiny thumb. It seemed crazy to pretend that this natural behavior would blow up into some neurosis when she’s older. So, I gave in.

But only for an Avent

The first soothie I gave my daughter was the one she got from the hospital, an Avent pacifier. No offense to my friends and family, but I figured the hospital nursery probably knows which baby pacifiers are best.

Here’s Why:

Avent makes a tiny newborn pacifier that encourages healthy mouth development. Overbites run in my family, and I want to do what I can to keep her jaw from setting incorrectly. This Avent pacifier:

  • is made of medical-grade silicone
  • is dishwasher-safe
  • has a cap to keep the nipple clean
  • is symmetrical, so no need to worry about whether it’s upside down, AND
  • is specifically designed to promote healthy jaw development

Conclusion: why Avent Pacifier?

Avent specifically makes pacifiers and other baby-feeding products. This is what they’re good at doing. Since they’ve been making pacifiers for near 80 years, for as long as my daughter wants a binkie, I’ll stay with the Avent pacifier and their family of products.