Baby Boot Camp Community, Fitness & Nutrition programs

At Baby Boot Camp mothers can combine fitness and nutrition related activities with quality time with their babies.
Rich activity programs led by certificate guides include the following:

  • Stroller fitness – 1-hour class for pregnant, postpartum mothers and mothers to children at stroller age.
  • Birth Recovery – emotional and nutritional workshops for mothers after birth.
  • Diastasis Repair – a workshop that helps mother after pregnancy lessen back pain through strengthening their muscles.
  • Various sports workshops and jogging classes to regain fitness and lose weight.
  • Nutritional workshops that teach how to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get rid of the extra weight gained during pregnancy
  • MomStrong Tribe – a program to strengthen community ties among mothers who are interested in a healthy lifestyle. Program consists of play dates on a monthly basis.

Special facilities: Website offers an online store for fitness products and gear

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