Your Baby Need Not Suffer from The Harmful Effects of Noise Pollution


  • No need for a babysitter anymore

  • You can take your baby anywhere – to the cinema, a noisy restaurant and even to a rock concert

  • Protect your baby’s sensitive ears from harmful noise

  • Prevent hearing loss at a later age

  • All models are specially designed for babies’ heads for maximum comfort

  • Special models that fit toddlers as well


Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones



Although not many people are aware of it, noise is one of the major pollutants of modern life. Overexposure to loud may result in

Physical injury – temporary or permanent hearing loss, increased adrenalin flow, high blood pressure, Arrhythmia (Irregular Heartbeat) and kidney failure.

Psychological and cognitive damage – anxiety, restlessness, frequent rage attacks, inability to concentrate and learning disability.

Prolonged exposure to noise level of more than 60 decibels is considered disruptive for the human ear; noise louder than 80 decibels is dangerous. For babies, 45-50 decibels is already considered harmful.

Police siren is measured at 88 decibels. The noise produced by a bus is close to 80 decibels, a passing train can reach 120 decibels. The music played in a bar is 135 decibels.  These are all noises we are exposed to on a daily basis by just walking on the street.

Your baby need not suffer from the harmful effects of noise pollution. It’s your responsibility and in your power to provide your child with a safe and quiet environment.

Mara Martin also uses a baby noise canceling headphones for her 5-month-old daughter Aria at the Sports Illustrated fashion show in Miami



Read testimonials of parents who use baby noise cancelling headphones on a daily routine:

My husband and I love to go out. Some of the places we go to are full of noise. When our little baby William arrived we knew we would have a problem: our parents don’t live nearby and we don’t trust strangers to babysit our little one.

We decided to try those noise cancelling headphones for babies and they were a lifesaver! We can take our baby anywhere we want without being afraid of the all the commotion around him. He enjoys the quiet while we eat in our favorite restaurant or just walk on a busy street. It’s amazing how well he can sleep with all the noise everywhere. For him it’s all peaceful and relaxing.

Emma Coleman (A mother to a 4-month old baby from Arlington, TX)

We live in a busy and noisy place. We were concerned about our little baby’s ears. I come from a family with a history of hearing problems. We were looking for a solution that would enable us to keep living in the big city. We purchased noise cancelling headphones, which were a big success right from the start. Our daughter loves them. They are very comfortable and apart from giving her a protection from noise, they also warn her ears.

She sleeps so well in places where noise is especially strong, much to my and my wife’s delight. It’s amazing how such a small device can make so much difference.

Dylan Butler (A father to a 7-month baby from Philadelphia, PA)