Six Reasons Why Babywearing is Good for You and, Especially, for Your Baby

Current studies support what parents have begun to understand in recent years: babywearing has clear benefits related to infants’ physical, emotional and cognitive development. Pediatricians from Canada and the United States who closely examined babies carried by their parents in a carrier at least 2 hours every day found that babywearing reduced infant crying by around 40% in the evening and by 30% throughout the entire day.

Babywearing, it turns out, has additional medical and psychological advantages apart from making babies much calmer.

1) Babywearing is essential for physical development – The upright position of babywearing strengthens the baby’s neck, which will help her control her head as she grows up.

2) Babywearing boosts cognitive development and speech – Carried babies get a panoramic view of the world around them, including sounds and facial expressions of their mother and other people. They also hear people talking much better than babies in a crib. This is crucial for their cognitive development and ability to speak at a later age.

3) Babywearing helps breastfeeding – the close and immediate contact with the baby releases the hormone oxytocin, which plays an important role in regulating milk production.

4) Carrying your baby will strengthen your bond with her – Oxytocin also strengthens mother-child bonding, which significantly decreases the probability of postpartum depression.

5) Baby carrying helps prevent plagiocephaly also known as flat head syndrome. Keeping your baby in a carrier or sling will lower the chances of her suffering from asymmetrical distortion of the skull that may be caused by hours of lying on the back in a crib.

6) You will get the exercise you need to lose the extra weight you gained during pregnancy – carrying additional 6-20 pounds couple of hours a day is will strengthen your muscles and help you get in shape after birth.

What about babywearing during winter?

Baby wearing is not only possible during winter, but it’s also more comfortable. When it snows, it’s hard to maneuver with a stroller. If you put your little one in a baby carrier, you will be much more mobile.

Protecting your baby from the cold weather

The best way to protect your baby from the cold is to put her under your jacket. You can use any jacket for this purpose. It only has to be two sizes larger. There are also special winter jackets for babywearing on the market. Of course, don’t forget to put a warm hat on her head to protect her ears.

What you should wear

Walking with your child in a carrier is more physically demanding than pushing a stroller. You need to dress as if you are about to go on exercising. It is better to wear a couple of thin layers of clothes rather than one thick layer. It’s recommended wearing clothes made from natural materials. Functional underwear which removes sweat from the body is also essential.

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