The Best Formula for Gassy Babies with a Sensitive Tummy

When babies are suffering from gas, it can make them miserable and irritable. While most infants will experience gas occasionally, for some it is more persistent. If your baby faces this problem, you’ll need the best formula for gassy babies.  

We understand it can be quite difficult to know where to start. In this article, we’ll give you the information you need to make the perfect choice! 

The importance of a specialist formula 

If you have a gassy baby, their symptoms are most likely caused by sensitivity to the formula they are currently being fed. Often, this is due to intolerance to cow’s milk, the primary ingredient in most infant formulas. The severity of an intolerance can vary, but even mild sensitivity can result in excessive gas production. 

That’s why, when choosing the best formula for gassy babies, you must narrow your search down to products that are specifically designed for infants with this kind of sensitivity. In fact, relieving your baby’s discomfort can be as simple as switching formulas. 

How are specialist products different from regular formulas? 

The key reason for an infant’s sensitivity to formulas that are based on cow’s milk is the lactose content. To overcome this, specialist formulas have been developed that reduce or eliminate lactose, or replace cow’s milk with a safe alternative, such as soy. For babies that still struggle with gas, there are also formulas that are developed to remove sucrose, which is another type of sugar that can cause stomach upset. 

Which formulas are recommend? 

Now that we have covered the characteristics you should be looking for when choosing the best formula for gassy babies, let’s go ahead and check out a few recommendations. Don’t forget that all infants are unique, and if your baby has a sensitive tummy, it may be a case of trial and error until you find the perfect formula.  

Reduced lactose and lactose-free formulas 

In the first instance, try changing to a product that reduces or eliminates lactose; often, a simple switch can make your baby much happier! We recommend either Similac Sensitive or Enfamil Gentlease; both are well-recommended by paediatricians and parents alike. 

Soy-based formulas 

In some circumstances, the best formula for gassy babies is one that eliminates cow’s milk entirely. Soy-based formulas are a safe alternative that can bring relief to your child, whilst providing a complete nutritional profile. As above, the Similac (Soy) and Enfamil (Prosobee) brands are the strongest candidates. 

Sucrose-free formulas 

If your baby is still having a difficult time with gas, speak with your paediatrician, and try an alternative that does not contain sucrose. The Nutramigen Hypoallergenic range receives consistently positive reviews, and is known to relieve even the fussiest babies.