Taking a Closer Look at Best Bottom Diapers

Best Bottom Diapers are a nappy system that makes use of snap in liners inside a decorative nappy cover. Very much like other cloth diaper systems, this system can be found in several different sizes. You can choose from birth to more than thirty-five pounds, as well as training pants with inserts.

The snap in liners also come in different sizes, from small to medium. You can choose stay-dry microfiber or a mix of hemp and organic cotton.

Advantages you can expect

Best Bottom Diapers are truly reusable since you only need to wipe the inside down after taking out the dirty insert. This makes them waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about leaks.

In addition, these nappies are good for overnight use, especially when you use the extender tabs that are also available. Leaks are kept to a minimum, if they happen at all, and covers can be stretched if they seem to be too small.

There Are Also Some Disadvantages

One of the things I noticed most about Best Bottom Diapers is that they can definitely be bulky, especially if you have to use the extender tab. This extra bulk may make it hard to dress your baby in her regular clothes, as bottoms need to be larger to accommodate the nappy.  Also because of the extra bulk, they can be very hot in the summer.  In addition, leg holes are small. Babies with chunky legs might have a problem

The price of Best Bottom Diapers is comparable to other types currently on the market. However, depending on which inserts you choose, this price can get much higher quickly. If you need a high quality liner, you should be prepared to spend more money.