5 Breastfeeding Accessories You Cannot Do Without When You Nurse Your Baby

Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby, but breastfeeding accessories can certainly make the process much simpler. Not only can they help you, but they can also be beneficial to your infant as well.

Nursing Pads

Nursing pads can be an absolute must have for the new mother. In cases where there has been an increase in milk production, they can save you a lot of time and embarrassment.

Normally, your breasts do not leak between infant feedings. However, when they do, it can leave unsightly stains on your clothing, which you will certainly want to avoid if you are in public.
Nursing pads can be reusable or disposable, which ever works best for you.

Nipple Cream

Nipple cream is another of the breastfeeding accessories that is more of a help for the mother than the baby. Painful nipples are a primary reason for breastfeeding failure.

That’s why this is an item you simply cannot do without if you want to successfully nurse your infant for the long term.

Breast Pump

It is hard to list the most important breastfeeding accessories without mentioning a quality breast pump. Not only can it help to keep your infant fed in your absence, it is also an effective treatment for an engorged breast. If your baby is eating less than it should, pumping will enable you to empty your breast of surplus milk. That milk can be stored for later use.

For nursing mothers who have never used a breast pump before, it is highly recommended purchasing a kit. This will contain all the necessary items to get you started right away.

Nursing Pillow

This is one of the breastfeeding accessories that can be as helpful to baby as it is to the mom. Trying to maintain the right breastfeeding position can be hard, creating back strain. For the infant, it can be hard to latch onto the breast if she is not held in the correct position.

The nursing pillow can mean the difference between success and failure in nursing. It is definitely worth tying.

Nipple Shields

For newborns nipple shields help create a better latch. For the mom, they can alleviate sore, dry nipples and provide protection from the baby’s teeth. That is why, more and more mothers opt for these shields for smoother and painless breastfeeding.