The Best Positions that will Assist You in Burping a New Born without Waiting Too Much

Burping a newborn is something every parent deals with on a daily basis. Burping is the body’s mechanism (for babies and adults) of releasing air that entered the digestive tract while eating. Without burping, your baby may suffer from abdominal pain, spit up milk and find it difficult to fall asleep.   

There are babies who will easily burp in between their meals or right after they finished eating. Others will need your help. Here some of the best positions for burping a newborn:  

1) The shoulder position – This position is preferred by most parents. It consists of holding the baby while his stomach is pressed against the parent’s shoulder. With time, you can improve the position by finding the exact spot in your baby’s stomach to help her burp faster. 

2) The sitting position  Putting your baby in a sitting position with her body tilting forward (while being supported by you) may help release air from her stomach causing her to burp. 

4) Moving around  Moving around the house, climbing stairs up and down, or simply shaking your body may demand some effort on your part but can save you he long wait required for burping a newborn. 

5) Massaging your baby – Gentle back massage with your hands or with a soft ball rolling up and down can bring out the desired burp. 

6) The belly position – If nothing works, you may try lying your baby on her belly hoping the continuous pressure on her digestive system will do the job. 

Burping a breastfeeding baby 

Breastfed babies do not have to burp while feeding or even at the end of the meal because they tend to swallow less air than babies who are fed with a bottle. However, if you see that something is bothering her, it may well be an air bubble that has to be released with burping. 

Babies who eat with a bottle 

Burping a newborn who eats from a bottle (no matter if the bottle contains formula or pumped milk) is recommended every 60 mL (2.02 oz) and at the end of the meal. Of course, if your baby doesn’t show any signs of pain or discomfort, you can skip burping in the middle of the meal.  

Generally speaking, most infants requires burping until they are 5-6 months old. In any case, don’t worry – if your baby feels uncomfortable after she finished eating she will let you know with crying and shouting.