Baby diapers

The market offers a great variety of baby diapers of all types, shapes, colors and sizes. Most parents opt for disposable diapers and they require no cleaning and thus save a lot of time. But there those who still prefer reusable ones as they are healthier for the baby’s skin. Which should you use?

Two basic aspects to consider when choosing newborn diapers

  • Most importantly, you have to pick a diaper that fits your baby’s age.Keep in mind that he or she grows fast and so you will have to switch to a new size category quite soon.
  • To cut expenses, you do not have to stick to a specific brand, especially if it’s more expensive than others. You can combine high quality baby diapers with lower quality ones especially during the first months when you have to change them more often.

How would you define a good diaper?

There three main parameters according to which the quality of the diaper can be assessed: 

1) Absorption – the baby’s skin should remain dry, unswollen and without diaper rash.

2) Easy to use – the diaper should be closed easily and smoothly.

3) Cost – look for the cheapest baby diapers without compromising quality.

Does a ‘best diaper’ really exit? Apparently not, for some babies a certain brand will be better than others. That particular brand may be less effective for a different baby. A process of trial and error will be required to determine which brand of baby diapers suits your child most.

Cloth vs disposable diapers

Cloth diapers made of cotton or brass are much more comfortable to wear. They do not contain chemicals that increase absorption and more rarely cause rash. Therefore, the need to use all sorts of creams (which also contain chemicals) to treat inflamed skin decreases.

On the other hand, disposable nappies do not need to be washed and dried and their use is much less time consuming.

The categories below contain plenty of articles with useful information on choosing the best type of baby diapers for your baby.