There are so many attractions for mothers and for mothers with children to the extent that you might miss the things or the places that fit you most and you really want to do or visit.

For this reason, we have gathered all the activities and places we think will give you and your child the best experience and fun. We organized all these recommended attractions according to cities to make it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for 

Spending quality time with your baby or toddler is essential for strengthening the bond between you. True, daily routine of taking care of your child –feeding her, washing her, providing her with a safe environment – is of outmost importance. But there are other important things as well, in particular the time you spend together just for fun, recreation and entertainment. These are the things your child will remember as an adult.

Furthermore, as all parents know, child rearing is physically and psychologically demanding. You might feel that you need some time alone just for yourself. It’s perfectly alright and you should have fun alone or with a friend as part of your routine.  By doing that, you will be able to mentally recharge and come back to your family refreshed with new strengths.

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