Corner Guards – A Must at Every Home with Toddlers

In terms of safety devices, corner guards are actually very small items. However, they are instrumental in preventing very large injuries. Children that are learning to become mobile are at the highest risk. It is at this time that as parents, we have to make sure our homes are safe.

How Injuries Occur

When my child learned to pull up on things, I saw the need right away for corner guards. In fact, as she pulled himself up to the coffee table, her head was dangerously close to the corner.

We know that toddlers do not watch where they are going. Corners on furniture, appliances, dressers, drawers and other sharp edges are a very real danger. Corner guards placed in these areas can cut back on injuries, head injuries in particular.

Which Guards Work Best?

Corner guards come in many different shapes and sizes. Some cover only the very corners of objects, while some are longer and protect against the entire edge.

When furniture is low to the floor, such as a coffee table, it is possible for baby to fall and hit their head anywhere. Longer guards work best for this.

You will find corner guards made of plastic, rubber, vinyl and metal. For a home with babies, I do not think metal should be considered. However, rubber seems to work the best.

Not only are rubber corner protectors easy to find, but they are the softest material, and the best guard to use. If you baby falls into a rubber guard, they are much less likely to sustain an injury.