Should You Give Your Baby Dr. Brown Pacifier?

With an abundance of soother options on the market, it can be difficult to know which brands and products are worthwhile. In terms of current popularity, Dr. Brown pacifier is a strong contender, but is that acclaim justified? In this article, we’re taking a comprehensive look at the brand, its products, and whether they’re a good choice for your baby.  

Which products are available?  

The Dr. Brown pacifier brand carries a good range of soothers, made from silicone and BPA-free plastics. The bulk of their binkies fall under the PreVent design, developed in collaboration with a pediatric dentist, with the aim of encouraging dental health at the earliest stage. They are sized according to age range to ensure a good fit.  

The silicone products of Dr. Brown pacifier are specially built to be identical to the company’s bottle nipples. For babies who are teething, a selection of soothers for that stage is available in different designs.  

What are the good points?  

In terms of the PreVent range, the key benefits stem from its specific design; a suction-free air channel to ease pressure on the palate, a soft bulb that gently expands as your baby sucks to provide low-pressure comfort, and a thin stem that is minimally intrusive. It’s a clever and simple way to ensure your baby is soothed, without storing dental problems for the future.   

If you intend to use a Dr. Brown pacifier in conjunction with any of their bottles, it’s a good idea to opt for one of their silicone soothers. As the designs match, this eases your baby’s transition from bottle to binky, which helps to minimize any tantrums that may arise.  

As your baby continues to develop, they will reach the teething stage, which can cause significant discomfort and distress. Dr. Brown have a decent range of teething comforter options with different textures and shapes; all designs are safe for refrigeration, which helps to provide natural and gentle relief to your little one.  

Are there any negatives?  

Some parents have noted that the animated designs on the back of the pacifiers can flake off relatively easily, which tends to be an issue across several brands.  

All babies are unique, and as great as a binky design may be, not every baby will take to it! Parents have reported being impressed with the quality of their baby’s Dr. Brown pacifier, but disheartened to find that their little one simply isn’t interested. This occurs to a lesser extent with the silicone design, most likely due to familiarity with bottle nipples.  

In summary  

The Dr. Brown brand is consistently cited as a parental favorite, thanks to innovative designs and excellent quality. If you’re considering which soother will be right for your baby, this brand is certainly worth a try!