Fitted Cloth Diapers, Are They For Your Baby?

Some moms might find themselves wondering, what are fitted cloth diapers? As a mom who has used them, let me explain it to you.   

Fitted cloth diapers are reusable diapers made of cloth, which fit snugly against your baby’s body, and are fastened by Velcro tabs. They utilize liners and are the best for babies that are allergic to the ingredients found in disposable nappies. 

Advantages of These Diapers 

These types of nappies have quite a few advantages, including the ability to save you money. Overall, they are cheaper than disposables, even if you use a cleaning service.  

Since they are made of cloth, they are not very likely to be poked and become useless because of damage. You can wash and reuse them multiple times, which is not only easier on your wallet, but it does not contribute to landfill rubbish either.   

Additionally, fitted cloth diapers are much easier on baby’s delicate skin. Disposables often cause rashes and other skin problems that are painful for the baby. These nappies help keep moisture wicked away from baby’s skin, thus helping to prevent the possibility of skin irritation. 

There Are A Few Disadvantages… 

While these are the best diapers for many reasons, they do come with a few drawbacks. For instance, if you find yourself out in a public place, it can be harder to change a dirty nappy.   

Not only do you have to get a new diaper prepared, with liner included, but you also have to package and store the dirty one on your person or in your bag. Depending on the odor, this can sometimes be very unpleasant.  

It also takes a lot more energy to change, wash, dry, fold and put these nappies away. It is worth it, but it can also increase your utility bills. Either you spend more money in washing and drying them at home, or that money is spent on a service that will do it for you. The latter, of course, being the more expensive option.  

The bottom line… 

The decision to use fitted cloth diapers in place of disposable nappies is a very personal one. Some find that it more suitable for their lifestyle, while others make the choice for health reasons.  

Whatever your reasons, choosing these nappies can be a real joy, for both you and your baby.