How will gDiapers Save You Money while Combining Disposables with Cloth Diapers

gDiapers are four layers that make up one diaper, but you only need to actually change the insert when changing baby. It’s a great nappy system, especially for those who want to combine disposables with traditional cloth diapers.  

The Four Layer System  

The first layer is known as gPants, which is actually the nappy cover. They come in several different color choices that can be matched with baby’s clothes. Next, you have the snap-in liners called gPant pouches. They are used to hold the inserts for the gDiapers, followed by the actual inserts themselves. The inserts are called gRefills and are biodegradable. The fourth layer, known as cloth diaper liners, is designed to catchg solid waste.  

All of the layers come in different sizes, ranging from newborn to large. The newborn gDiapers even have cutouts for the umbilical cord and tapers so that your baby’s legs can curl naturally with no ill fitting. They makes it easy to find the perfect size for your baby, no matter what age she is.  

Use Your Favorite Insert 

With gDiapers, you can use which ever insert you like. You can use the disposable nappy liner, which is flushable if you follow the package directions properly. Or you can choose reusable cloth inserts that can be used over and over again. This will actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run, which is always a big help for new parents.  

Using the disposable liners is a great way to get the hang of using hybrid diapers. After using them for a while, you can switch over to the cloth inserts, once you know how everything works.   

Money Saving Made Easy 

Not only do the cloth inserts save you money, as you use gDiapers more often, but you can also save money by buying a “bundle”. It comes with everything you’ll need to get started, from the gPants all the way to the liners, both disposable and cloth.  

Just a Couple of Drawbacks 

While these nappies work great using the disposable inserts, they can get really bulky while using cloth inserts. If you try them, be careful as they can sometimes leak really badly.   

They can also be hard to explain to anyone left in charge of caring for your baby. While it isn’t hard to learn, it can be a bit frustrating to try to explain.