No Wonder Moms Love Grovia Diapers

Grovia diapers are a hybrid system that allows you to combine the older idea of cloth nappies with a reusable cover made of some of the most modern materials on the market today. They offer

  • the All in One, which can be rewashed
  • the Hybrid, which has both reusable and disposable liners
  • the O.N.E., which fits babies from ten to more than thirty-five pounds.

Grovia diapers come in all the sizes you will need, from newborn up to training pants. Most of the inserts have great leak protection, with some working wonderfully, even over-night. They also have super strong fasteners that cannot be opened by toddlers who enjoy taking their nappies off.

A great diaper that lasts

We started using Grovia diapers when my baby was just a few weeks old. Now, at nearly two, we are glad we made the switch. Using the O.N.E. nappy, we did not have to double up on liners overnight, because the insert absorbed everything.

As far as cloth nappies go, Grovia diapers are affordable enough to use on a regular basis. Some brands tear easily and others lose their elasticity, but these diapers are really durable. My baby also seems comfortable in this nappy, and enjoys dressing up in his favorite covers.

We also found that the hemp + cotton with fleece liners are much less likely to stain. Stains come out of this liner easier than from the other types. But I like them most because they are simple and easy to use.

The downside

The biggest problem we have with the Grovia diapers is that when bowel movements are not firm, it gets the shell dirty. We had to buy extras for those moments, especially since they cannot simply be wiped off and reused.

The other problem is that the cover is really pretty, but so thin that the snaps push through and may sometimes leave little marks on the baby’s tummy.