To enrich our readers’ knowledge in fields related to smart parenting and postpartum and baby products available on the market, we accept articles written by guest writers.

Writing Guidelines

1) Articles must relate to the core topic deals with: parenting issues, raising babies and toddlers, review of products relevant to women before and after birth, babies, toddlers and family.

2) Articles must be longer than 350 words, no max limit.

3) Articles must be highly informative with added value to our readers.

4) We do not accept marketing-oriented articles. We will NOT publish landing pages, articles containing a call to action or articles presenting a company’s profile.

5) We DO accept product reviews as long as they are rich in details and are meant to present the benefits of the product. When writing a product review, the writer must present the added value of the product and explain how it can help our readers. We will NOT publish a product review that tries to convince anyone to purchase an item.

6) We will be happy to publish articles containing the writer’s personal experience in raising children and being a parent.

7) All articles we publish MUST contain original content. We do not publish duplicated or copied content. We use state-of-the-art programs to detect duplicated content or spinning attempts. We also run manual checks.

8) All articles we publish must be flawless in terms of language proficiency, grammar and syntax.

9) Each article will include one credit referring to a web location chosen by the writer. The credit will appear below the article. We allow writers to refer our readers to any place they want for further reading.

10) All articles published on will remain indefinitely on the website.

11) We will upload the articles to sections on based on their content. General articles will be published on the blog section.

12) Each article we publish contains a picture. Writers may send up to 2 pictures they want us to upload with the article. The writer must be the legal owner of the pictures. Alternatively, writers can choose to send an article without a picture and we will add one.

13) Once the article is uploaded, the writer will be notified on email.

14) It might take our editors up to 1 week to go over the article, check it and upload it.

To submit an article or review: