The GumDrop Pacifier Is Perfect For Your Baby

If you are looking for a good soother for your baby, the GumDrop pacifier may be the best choice for you thanks to a few noticeable advantages it offers compared to other binkies.  

1) The GumDrop makes a great pacifier for a newborn as it comes in different sizes. There is also a preemie size for infants that are born prematurely.  

2) Your baby will love it. I have tried many binkies. All of them were rejected by my baby and I was about to give up until I tried the GumDrop pacifier. It turned out that he liked it right from the start. 

3) Excellent for breastfed babies – Since the nipple on the GumDrop is similar to that of a real breast, breastfed babies often prefer this binky to any other. 

4) This Binky doesn’t get ithe way – Some parents notice that the binkies that are given to their babies in the hospital often block the infant’s nose and often do not stay in place. The GumDrop pacifier, however, fits perfectly. Even the smallest mouths can handle it because of its particular shape and size.  

There are some disadvantages 

When I talked with my friends about their preferred binky, most of them agreed with me that the GumDrop pacifier is the best there was in the market. However, there were few who had a different opinion. They pointed to the fact that it was little more slippery than other pacifiers.  

In addition, some babies are put off by the one-piece construction that can sometimes make it feel bulky, especially if they try to roll it over in their mouth. 

Well… that was not the case with my baby who got along perfectly well with the GumDrop pacifier. You should give it a chance. I strongly recommend it.