A Tale of Ladybugs and Kawaii Diapers

When I had my daughter, I fully expected to use disposable diapers right up until she was potty trained. During my baby shower, one of my more environmentally conscious friends gave me a shell and a few inserts for Kawaii diapers. “Gee, thanks…” I said and mentally planned out which corner of the closet these would occupy until the end of days. Then one day, during an unexpected diaper shortage, I pulled out the bundle of cloth diapers that would change my life.  

From Disposable to Indispensable  

In a word, they were amazing. I ended up loving them so much that I actually bought one of the Kawaii diaper value packs. For a set of 12 heavy duty pocket cloth diapers with 24 one-size inserts, I only paid around $90. This was considerably cheaper than the small fortune that I was paying for truckloads of disposable nappies on a monthly basis!   

Not only were they affordable and easy to wash, but they looked pretty cute, too. The Kawaii diaper heavy duty packs come in a fun variety of prints. My daughter particularly loves the ladybug and crocodile prints, but there were a few solid colors in there, too. I went for the heavy duty packs because it suited my daughter’s needs, but they offered plenty of other options: minky one-size, heavy wetters, and some others.  

In the Loop  

The real test came two weeks after I bought the value pack when my niece watched my daughter for the day. After a long day of errands, I came home mentally prepared for pure chaos. Instead, my niece ran up and told me it was “super easy to change her diapers!” The hook and loop design was so intuitive that she was able to figure it out right away. This is one feature that I think really sets Kawaii diapers apart from other trendy cloth brands.  

The Verdict  

We’ve used our set of Kawaii diapers for a few months now and plan to stick with them for as long as they hold up to repeated washing. I thought about getting the adorable Halloween themed ones, but since they don’t seem to last so long, it didn’t really look like a practical investment beyond October. Fortunately for my daughter, lady bugs are always in vogue.