Is Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump a Good Choice for Nursing Mothers?

If you decide to breastfeed your baby, there will be times when nursing is not convenient or otherwise possible. Using a breast pump allows you to have some milk in reserve, for use whenever it’s needed. There are lots of devices on the market currently, and it can be difficult to know where to start. We’re here to help! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump. Keep reading to find out more!

Electric or manual breast pump: which is best?

There are two main types of milk extraction devices; electric and manual. Electric pumps are faster and tend to collect the most milk, but they can be noisy, expensive, and may cause more discomfort than their manual counterparts. Hand-operated devices, such as the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, are gentler on the breasts, smaller, lightweight, and less expensive. However, it usually takes longer to extract milk, and manual pumping can be tiring for a new mom, which can prevent her from collecting all of the desired quantity. The type of device that works best depends entirely on the mother’s circumstances, preferences, and budget.

Which features should you look for in a manual breast pump?

A manual breast pump will usually come with all the components required to start extracting straight away. As a minimum, it should have a comfortable cone, an easy-to-use pump handle, and a collection bottle. Some pumps will also ship with stands, carry bags, spare bottles, and alternate cones. Take a moment to check breast pump reviews from other moms before you commit to any device.

Key features of the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump has a cushioned cone, which helps to minimize the discomfort that some moms experience during expression. It uses a two-phase method of extraction; a rapid let-down phase to encourage flow, and an expression phase with a slower rhythm to maximize collection. The handle is designed to prevent cramping in the hand.

In addition, the pump comes with a BPA and BPS-free bottle and teat set that can be used for the entire process; collection, storage, and feeding. There’s also a stand that helps to prevent spillage, and the small, lightweight design of the system allows for discreet use.

So is the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump a good choice for nursing mothers?

The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump certainly has a focus on comfort and convenience for nursing moms. It takes a holistic approach to the breastfeeding and pumping process; allowing the same bottle to be used for all stages. Its compact size is also helpful for moms on the move.

That said, like every manual breast pump, it remains less efficient than an electric version. Some users have reported that the pumping mechanism can become less effective over time, and the cone does not accommodate ladies with larger breasts. In addition, it is on the more expensive side of the manual device category.

On balance, it still represents a great quality product that is a beneficial part of any breastfeeding strategy.