Should you opt for a Latex Pacifier?

Pacifiers are a great way to keep your baby calm and well soothed. However, which kind is best? That is the question many parents ask. The latex pacifier has been the right answer for many of them. Let’s look at some facts concerning this pacifier. 

The advantages  

  • Providing the utmost comfort for your baby, the latex pacifier is very flexible and soft. Newborns are more likely to receive it well for this reason. 
  • It is not as slippery as silicone pacifiers are, so your baby will not lose it as quickly. 
  • The impact on the growth of baby teeth is minimal, so it is the optimal binkie for infants that haven’t yet started teething. 
  • Since it’s made of natural products, the latex pacifier is eco-friendly. That means it will contribute less to global warming on the overall. 

The disadvantages  

  • The amount of flexibility in this baby pacifier means that it wears out much quicker than silicone pacifiers do. 
  • The latex pacifier tends to break faster when teething babies and toddlers chew on it. 
  • You need to replace it every month because it’s fragile. 
  • It can cause allergies because it contains protein molecules. 

What is the best choice? 

The bottom line, really, is that the final decision lies with your baby. A picky infant can often reject even the best pacifiers. However, there are many reasons this all-natural latex soother is a great choice. Even though you have to replace it often, it is hard to argue with its benefits.