Why My Baby and I Liked the Natursutten Pacifier So Much

The Natursutten pacifier is made entirely from pure rubber and manufactured only in Italy. To my baby, it actually feels like breastfeeding and is just as natural and comforting.

Since it is 100% natural, I do not have to worry about any substances that can cause allergies and other health hazards as all the chemicals that causes latex allergies are removed from this binky.

This Binky Even Works For Teething

When my baby is not sucking on this soother, she chooses to use it for teething. It is great for this purpose because it never loses its shape, bounces right back and is super comforting to her sore gums.

She even chose the Natursutten pacifier over other types of teething supplies I offered. I think is mainly because she can chew on it and then immediately go back to sucking on it.

Modern Binky, Vintage Look

The Natursutten pacifier has reminded me of binkies from years ago, but it is definitely a lot better than those were.

While I would not have picked this soother based solely on looks, my baby loves it more than any other brand I have picked for her (and there were a few). It soothes her to sleep, keeps her occupied in the car, and she misses it when she does not have it with her.

Must Be Replaced From Time To Time

Because the Natursutten pacifier is made of rubber, I did have to replace it after a couple of months. Rubber breaks down over time and rather than taking a chance that she would bite off a piece and choke, I replaced it once it started feeling really sticky.

Despite that flaw, the quality of the pacifier is so much better than others I have tried. It is also cheap enough that it is not a problem to replace on a regular basis. It is definitely worth it.

To sum up, as much as I liked the Natursutten pacifier, I am fully aware that it is not for everyone. One of my twins liked very much while the other found it distasteful and would not suck on it. In For this reason, you will want to see what your own baby likes best.