Why an Orthodontic Pacifier is Good for Your Baby? The 3 Most Recommended Brands

If you decide to purchase a binky – or several – for your baby, it can be difficult to know which type is the most suitable. When researching your options, it’s worth considering an orthodontic pacifier due to its numerous advantages.  

This type of soother is specifically designed to prevent dental issues later in life, such as overbites and tooth misalignment. An orthodontic pacifier is different from a regular binky as it is molded to support the shape of your infant’s developing palate, and the nipple flattens during use to create a natural sucking action.   

While a regular soother will bring comfort to your child, an orthodontic pacifier has additional health benefits that can make it a superior option thanks to its design which. 

  • reduces pressure on baby’s palette and jaw 
  • lessens discomfort associated with poorly-fitting soothers 
  • encourages correct dental development 

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using an orthodontic pacifier, it’s helpful to know which brands are the best. We have selected three that consistently achieve great quality, innovative design, and parent approval.  

  1. PhilipsAvent
    Orthodonitc soothers from the Philips’ Avent range are molded from soft and durable BPA-free silicone. They are available in a range of sizes, from newborn to 18 months, and are supplied with a sterilization box. Avent binkies are regularly cited as a mom favorite. 
  2. NUK Airflow
    NUK pacifiers offer a wide range of orthodontic binky options, but it is the Airflow design that most impressed us. As well as providing dental benefits, this design facilitates 3 times more airflow than alternative soothers. It’s available in one size that is suitable from newborn to 6 months.    
  3. Dr Brown’sPreVent
    From the trusted Dr Brown’s brand comes a soother that is specially-designed by a pediatric dentist. The PreVent range features ultra-thin stems and suction-release bulbs that widen with use to reduce pressure and preclude later orthodontic issues. Two sizes are available; one for newborn to 6 months, and a second for 6 to 12 months. This brand is considered by many as the best orthodontic pacifier in the market today.