The Playtex Pacifier Turned out to be the Only One My Baby Girl Loved, and for a Good Reason

When our baby girl was born, we started looking for a binky she would like. It was important to us that she use a binky because we felt it would help her calm down and according to what we read, using a pacifier reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. After many trials and errors, we ended up with the Playtex Pacifier.

Our elder child grew up without a pacifier, so we had no previous experience we could count on. We started testing the most common pacifier brands available in the market, and there are plenty of those: Nanobebe, Dr. Brown, Nuby, JollyPop, MAM, Natursutten, Avent, etc. It turned out that our baby loved neither of them. Personally, I think that the majority of the brands we tried were quite good, but as we all know: there is no accounting for taste.

Before we gave up, we decided to have one more try. My sister-in-law bought us the Playtex Pacifier. We didn’t have any expectations. In fact, we were quite skeptical. However, we were soon in for a surprise. Our daughter loved it right from the start. It was a perfect match. And since then, we are with Playtex.

So what makes the Playtex Pacifier stand out in relation to other brands?

First and foremost, the binky Playtex offers is characterized by strong, yet flexible, structure that makes it durable especially for babies who have started teething. What I especially liked about the pacifier is that it can be easily boiled and sterilized. You can also put it in the dishwasher and it won’t be ruined.

From a baby’s point of view, the structure of the nipple resembles a breast nipple, which is excellent for breastfed babies like my baby. In addition, the ventilation holes in the shield minimize the possibility of skin irritation. The silicone is of high medical grade and BPA free. Finally, the design is colorful and beautiful. You can find blue and pink pacifiers for girls and blue and green for boys. Some binkies appear with a Batman or Superman symbol. Which is really cute.

An Orthodontic Playtex Pacifier

If you do not intend to wean your baby off a pacifier before the age of 2 years, an orthodontic pacifier is highly recommended. We learned that Playtex also offers a binky with orthodontic qualities which we will surely use.  I even consulted my dentist and he included Playtex in the list of pacifiers recommended for toddlers’ teeth.

Generally speaking an orthodontic pacifier is specially designed to promote oral health. It prevents unnecessary pressure on the child’s jaw and, therefore, prevents improper dental development. The Orthodontic Playtex Pacifier brand is available for two age groups: 0-6 months and 6 months+.

The article was contributed by Silvia Russo, a mother to a 6-month baby girl and a 4-year child from Philadelphia, PA.