6 Stylists’ Tips for Choosing the Perfect Post Delivery Clothes to Make You Look and feel Good

It does not matter if you gained 11 pounds or 45 pounds when you were pregnant, nor does it matter if it’s your first, second or third pregnancy. Your body changes after birth. Here are some 6 highly useful stylists’ tips for post delivery clothes that will help you hide your post-baby belly and look (and feel) great.

1) Find a dressmaker. Regaining your pre-pregnancy shape takes times, especially when it is not recommended going on a diet in the first 6 weeks after birth. Even after you start losing weight, nothing will happen instantly. There are steps on the way to becoming thin again.

During this interim period, you should find a good dressmaker to make custom clothes that fit your current body shape. Even if you don’t want or can’t go back to your weight before pregnancy (which is really O.K.), a dressmaker will provide you with perfect clothing for your new look.

It shouldn’t be too expensive, especially if you by the materials on your own. Besides, not all your clothes should be custom made, only your outwears.

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2) Leave aside your tunics. These loose and huge shirts that reach your knees are the worst choice you can make for post delivery clothes. To look good with a tunic, you will need to wear tights or skinny jeans, which is not always possible due to access weight after birth, stitches (in you had a C-section) or postpartum edema you may suffer from.

3) For the time being, opt for dark colored clothes, black dresses in particular. It’s no secret that black is the best color to hide belly fat regardless of whether you are after birth or not. A loose and black dress will hide exactly what you do not want people to see and will make you look great, at least until you get rid of extra pounds you gained while carrying your baby.

To break the monotony of black, you can wear a jewel of a contrasting color- like red or gold. It can be a necklace, a bracelet or earrings.

4) There is nothing wrong in oversized clothes.  If Kate Middleton allowed herself to wear oversized post delivery clothes, so can you. Clothes one or even two sizes larger will do a wonderful job hiding a post-baby bump.

5) A maxi dress is perfect for women who have just given birth. Apart from being comfortable, it offers some undeniable advantages:

  • It can hide vein that has become visible on your legs during pregnancy (varicose veins).
  • You can go out even if you didn’t bother to remove your leg hair.
  • It goes well with flat shoes or sandals – which is great for women who don’t want or can’t wear high heel shoes.

6) If you want to feel sexy, opt for a cold shoulder top. Shoulders are the only organ in the body which (in most cases) doesn’t change during pregnancy.

Remember, losing weight after pregnancy is a gradual process. Your body requires time to recover from 9 months of pregnancy. There is absolutely no need to feel bad over some extra pounds. Besides, wearing the right post delivery clothes will make you look great regardless of your weight or body shape.