Prefold Cloth Diapers – What You Need to Know as a Mother

I was one of those soon-to-be-mothers who decided to at least explore and educate myself regarding the option of cloth diapers, and I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered prefold cloth diapers, which are actually quite inexpensive to purchase and are easier to clean than I had imagined them to be. 

Prefold cloth diapers are a rectangular shaped piece of cloth with an absorbent pad sewn in the center. These reusable nappies are easier to manipulate because the “wet zone” is already accounted for. They come ready-made to handle whatever your baby throws at you. They come in a variety of fabrics, sizes, and thicknesses so you will have to do a little research and make a determination based on your needs. 

We used money from our baby shower and bought a complete kit that had all the necessary pieces we would need until our little one turned one-year old. It even included the covers! 

The advantages of these diapers 

  • Prefold cloth diapers save you money. 
  • After the initial investment is behind you, you don’t have to buy nappies every week. You already have all you need to keep your newborn happy and healthy. 
  • They are durable. 
  • They can last through multiple children if you plan on having more than one. After a size is no longer needed, they make excellent dusting rags or absorbent towels for spills. 
  •  Easily adapt to your baby’s size and shape 
  • Not every baby is shaped the exact same way, these diapers allow for a customizable fit that will work with your little one. There are tons of videos online of different types of folds for different needs. 
  • Low Maintenance 
  • They are easy to wash and care for. There are no snaps, buttons, or Velcro. Throw them in the washer, bleach them if you need to. They are made of cotton and hold up well. 

However, there are a few disadvantages… 

  • They are bulkier than other types of cloth diapers or disposable nappies. 
  • Prefold cloth diapers can be a little overwhelming at first until you master the technique. By the way, watching videos online of other mothers helped me a ton! 
  • They are sized for particular growth stages so you need to create a system for remembering which ones are at the size you currently need and which are too small or too big for your little one. 

In the end, we decided to use prefold cloth diapers with our little one because the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. We both felt that it was the right choice for our family and for our planet. 

After my initial research, we felt more secure in our decision because they were really much easier to use than I could have ever imagined! I know cloth diapers aren’t for everyone, however if you are on the fence or giving the idea serious consideration… I say take the plunge!