In this following presentation, I will show you everything you need to know about improving digestion.

I will discuss foods that should be avoided, as well as special helpers that support a healthy digestive system.

If you are experiencing fatigue, you are overweight, or coping with any other health problem – you really should keep reading. As you’ll see in just a moment, an unbalanced digestive system negatively affects the body from top to bottom.  I will broadly elaborate on these matters in the course of the presentation.

My name is Jonathan. I am a husband and a father, and I have been with the Newborns Planet team right from the start.  I love doing online research on health issues (I have a master’s degree in biology).  In the past, I’ve assisted countless medical students and even actual medical doctors with their research by finding the right information for what they were researching.

I strongly believe that insights backed by clear-cut scientific findings are the best way to tackle health-related problems. This belief will be practiced here, and I will refer to scientific articles and studies throughout this presentation. To make my points valid, I made sure to include recent articles from the past 5 years.


So let’s get into it…
Artificial sweeteners, such as the ones found in diet sodas, are very bad for your digestion. This is worth saying a second time: diet sodas kill good bacteria in our gut.  (1)

You see, we have millions of bacteria in our digestive system. Some are good as they help essential nutrients absorb in the body, while others are bad as they take the nutrients for themselves, increase calorie intake and create fat molecules in our bodies. That’s right – some of the bacteria in our digestive system actually make us fatter and less healthy. Most diet sodas are filled with these artificial sweeteners and are found to promote the growth of bad bacteria (2).  So diet sodas remove good bacteria and grow bad bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract.


In addition,  I want to talk about some foods that are harming our digestive system and give some useful health tips that will actually return your digestive system to its good/bad bacteria balance. Don’t worry, I won’t talk about the usual “get more exercise” or advise you to “go on a strict diet”.
I will simply talk about which foods are good and which foods are… garbage. But first I wish to emphasize:

Following the guidelines in this presentation will:

  • Help you feel more energetic throughout the day
  • Promote regular bowel movement and, consequently, healthy toilet habits
  • Relieve bloating
  • Help you lose weight
  • Make your skin clearer

The methods of restoring healthy digestion presented below are not based on cheap magic tricks, nor are they based on my own personal experience.  They are all derived from objective and well established scientific research.

More and more people around the world are using these proven methods to restore their digestive system to normal. Some of these methods are applied in hospitals all around the U.S., and others are sold directly to the consumer (3). Doctors and nutrition specialist prescribe these to their patients.  You should be able to get them easily too.

Whether you are considering getting ready for the summer swimsuit, want to feel less bloated, have a health risk, or just want to prevent any of these issues, using any of these probiotics will help.

Chubby Family

Now we will discuss Milk products and probiotics. Many products have the ‘probiotic’ label added to them. Yogurt and milk are great examples. However, many of these labels are wrong, or are flat out lying. You see, in order for the good bacteria to survive in products, the manufacturing and storage processes have to be of a very high standard.

The World Health Organization along with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization set a list of procedures related to handling and adding probiotics to food items. They include

  1. The way the food is prepared
  2. The way probiotics are added
  3. Packaging
  4. Storing conditions
  5. Rehydration procedures

These procedures are meant to make sure that the good bacteria survive the trip from the factory to your stomach (4). If any of those procedures fail, the good bacteria will not survive. And since there is no strict regulation, many of those procedures are either carried out partially or are not carried out at all.

So a lot of food brands that claim to have probiotics, do not really have them. It will, therefore, be best to remember:

Until proper regulation occurs, we should all raise our eyebrows whenever we see food with the label “Healthy”.


Beware of sugar in your food

An important study (5) conducted in 2017 examined a Western diet focusing on how it changes our gut bacteria and affects our cognitive functioning. A Western diet is defined as the most common nutrition in Western countries, which is, unfortunately, based a relatively high intake of sugar.

The findings were conclusive: a diet based on foods with relatively large amount of sugar disrupts the bacterial balance in our gastrointestinal tract and causes inflammations in the body’s neuropathways. These inflammations often lead to cognitive disruptions – inability to concentrate (referred to as ‘brain fog’) and short-term memory loss.

That’s right – when you eat foods with a lot of added sugar, you hurt your brain functions. How?
Sugar accelerates the proliferation of bad bacteria in our digestive system. A reasonable amount of sugar intake is great and even has a lot of benefits, but with Western diet, it is almost impossible to avoid the sugars added to our foods.

A great way to check if your food has added sugars is to read the label. But beware! Most food companies call sugar by different names, such as ‘fructose syrup’ or ‘concentrates’.

Trying to concentrate

Probiotics may save the day

The study mentioned a few lines above also found that using probiotics can prevent or reverse some the damages caused by Western diet to our gut and brain. This means that regularly using probiotics can help your memory and concentration, as well as your digestion.

What about exercising?

Exercising is not enough. Exercising is great, it has many benefits to your heart, lungs, and muscles. But exercise with bad bacteria ruling your gut will still make you feel bloated; you will still have food cravings, your toilet habits will still be bad, and you may still suffer from brain fog.

In addition, diets are usually a temporary phase. Most people that go on a diet return to the original weight in 2 years (6). Different sources may show different numbers, but it’s pretty clear – dieting doesn’t work for a long time.

Optimizing your nutritional habits
Our digestive system is complex. Different foods affect it in many known and unknown ways. If you have a good balance of bacteria in your gut – your digestion system will work for you. If you have a bad balance of bacteria in your gut – your digestion system will work against you.
Balancing the good/bad bacteria ratio is the key.

Remember this important message: It’s NOT your fault

Fatigue during the day, bladder issues, brain fog, irregular bowel movement and bad toilet habits, lack of energy, bloating, food cravings – all of these might be symptoms of bacterial imbalance. The bad bacteria are to be BLAMED.
Giving your digestive system the probiotic support it needs, will help restore the much-needed balance.

old time scale

Breaking the negative cycle of food with probiotics – my story

I want to share a little story with you on the subject. I used to live abroad, near the Mediterranean Sea. I ate amazing stuff from time to time, but my everyday diet mainly consisted of salads, fish and lean meat. I didn’t look specifically for healthy food, nor did I care about it. I just ate what was available and easy to find, which turned out to be quite good. And then I met my wife.

After the marriage, we decided to go and raise our family in the United States, but first – the honeymoon! We honeymooned all across the East and West Coast. Beginning in New York, we travelled south to South Carolina. We then took a plane to Las Vegas, Nevada, and drove all the way California. It took us a month and a half altogether and it was great.

However, during the trip, we kind of spoiled ourselves. In New York we went to nice restaurants and we had a cheesesteak in Philadelphia (I wouldn’t miss it for the world). We were eating a lot of sugar and bread. Doughnuts were our favorite. These foods were so easily available, very cheap and tasty.

I remember one morning waking up in a motel, bags of KFC (extra crispy of course) and candy wrappers poking out of the trash. My stomach hurt, I felt guilty. And I just had to go to the bathroom. My wife went right after me. Still, we did not connect the dots.

Two weeks into the honeymoon, and we both started going to sleep earlier and earlier. In the beginning, I drove for 3-4 hours at a time, but now… I had to pull over every couple of rest-stops. Most of the time, I just had gas. The funny thing is I was so hungry all the time that I just kept this negative cycle of food ongoing. All I cared for is getting more and more food regardless of the implications.

We kept gaining weight, so we bought new clothes, to fit our new bodies. But it was only after we went to Hollywood that everything started to hit me. I was sitting in one of those restaurants, the one with all the famous actors and singers on the walls. And during a 30-minute stay there, I had to use the bathroom twice.

I know what you are probably thinking, we changed our diets and our bodies needed to get used to it. But being a person who likes to search and research, I started reading about stomach-aches. After a little while, I came across an article about probiotics.

The article mentioned all my symptoms. It said it could help with stomach bloating and bad toilet habits. It promised quick results. Being skeptical by nature, I verified the content of the article with more and more articles.

By the end of our honeymoon, we still ate junk, but much more moderately. Both our bathroom habits returned to normal, and that change blew my mind. Probiotics were all it took.

So, returning to our subject, I learned a lot about gut bacteria on that amazing trip. You see, some bacteria (for example, candida), actually thrive when they meet sugar. Candida causes inflammations when it grows too much and probiotics are actually used to control it (7).

couple hiking

So why take probiotics?

Our digestive system is very sensitive to what we eat. Intestinal gas and diarrhea are a clear indication that something isn’t working well, or that our gut met something it doesn’t want.
Guess what? Probiotics were found to promote recovery and help reduce diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, relieve constipation and stimulate intestine immunity (7).

So why take probiotics?

  • To help our guts fight unwanted guests.
  • To relieve all kinds of symptoms we may suffer from due to improper nutrition: bloating, intestinal gas, food craving, constipation or diarrhea, and the list goes on and on…
  • To relieve all kinds of chronic bowel diseases from the relatively simple irritable bowel syndrome to the more serious Crohn Disease.
  • Allergies and respiratory tract infections, such as the common cold, were also found to be prevented when using probiotics (7).

 So why take probiotics?

Sugars and preservative are added to almost everything we eat. It’s just the way it is taking into account Western eating habits. It becomes practically impossible to eat healthily, no matter how hard you try. So why not equipping your body with the right means to minimize the damage caused by the food we eat?

We, at, decided to create this little review for you. We are posting some Probiotic supplements below because they’re really worth it. Over the past few years, probiotic prices went down and now you don’t have to be famous or rich to get them. You can order them at a great price and get them straight to your door.

Whether you are considering getting ready for the summer swimsuit, want to feel less bloated, facing a health risk, or just want to prevent any future problem, using probiotics will definitely help.

We, at Newbornsplanet, checked out and reviewed some Probiotic Supplements for your consideration.



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Martha L.

39 years old, Seattle, Washington

Up until recently, I suffered from bloating. It was terrible beyond words. Every time I ate, my belly got swollen and I was gassy. My stomach got harder and bigger (A friend even once asked me if I was pregnant!). It was an overall feeling of discomfort and it made me skip meals. I just didn’t want to feel bad.

It should be noted that my diet was quite OK. I ate junk food here and there but most of my meals included lean beef, vegetables, cereals, whole wheat bread. It was something else that caused my belly to bloat.

I went to a few doctors. I even did some tests like abdominal ultrasonography and colonoscopy. Thanks Gods, they didn’t find anything alarming. So my doctor said I was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is, in fact, what doctors say when they have no clue as to the cause of your illness.

One thing good that doctor did: he recommended that I start taking probiotics. This was the best medical advice I have ever got. The effect was almost instantaneous. After a few days, bloating was much less severe. I didn’t have gas anymore. After a month, bloating disappeared completely. I can’t describe the relief I felt. I don’t skip meals anymore. My bowel movement became regulated (I go to the toilet once a day an hour or two after lunch). Even my mood improved. I became an optimistic person.

Bill W.

77 years old, Palm Beach, Florida

When you grow older, you, unfortunately, start facing all kinds of health problems you never knew about when you were younger. One of my biggest problems is constipation. It doesn’t matter what I eat – it can be a healthy food or some junk I bought from a fast food chain – I will most likely suffer from constipation. My bowels are not what they used to be.

The only thing that helps me is taking probiotics. I consulted my doctor and he gave me a green light to start taking them.

Probiotics did the job. It took them a couple of weeks and I suddenly found myself every day going to the bathroom the same number of times I used to when I was 10 or 15 years younger.

The feeling is great. No more side effects that come with constipation. No more gasses and no more stomach pain. I am so much energetic during the day and sleep like a baby at night. My quality of life improved immensely.

Natasha H.

40 years old, Los Angeles, California

I have an uncontrollable craving for sweets, mainly chocolate (but marshmellow and ice cream also work fine for me). When an episode of craving occurs, I can’t resist the urge to eat all the chocolate I have at home, even though I know that later on, I will pay the price in terms of the weight I am going to gain.

I am not fat, but I am also far from being skinny. I would surely want to be thinner and be able to wear some clothes my current body shape does not allow. I tried all types of diets but my craving just wouldn’t let me. What’s the point in eating a green salad during the week and on the weekend devour 3 or 4 chocolate packs?

I started treatment a year ago. My doctor prescribed me some pills to balance the serotonin level in my brain. These pills weren’t enough to overcome my love for chocolate. Listening to my dietician’s advice, I started taking probiotics and it surprisingly helped. Craving episode have not completely gone, but they have become rarer and rarer.

My dietician explained to be that my craving is probably the result of microbial imbalance in the intestine – something that can be fixed with probiotics. Apparently, she was right. Thanks to a much lower craving, I managed to lose some weight. I will soon be able to buy (almost) all the clothes I want.

Aiesha J.

50 years old, Baltimore, Maryland

For me losing weight has always been one of the most difficult things to do. All the pounds I lost from my endless diets, I quickly gained back. My dietician said that my metabolism is too slow and that is why it’s so much harder for me to burn fat.

Exercising helps. Every time I started exercising I began to lose weight but I just couldn’t keep my weight low. It was so frustrating.

I read on the Internet that one of the best ways to increase your metabolism is taking probiotics, so I ordered some online and started taking them every day as was instructed.

Soon enough my metabolism changed for the best. I visited the toilet more often. I also felt better with less gasses after eating. I began to lose weight. I lost 6 pounds in two weeks and didn’t gain them back. I lost another 5 pounds the month after. Last month I lost 4 pounds.  I have all reasons to believe the downward trend will continue next month.

By boosting my metabolism, probiotics turned out to be the best way to lose weight.

You see, it’s not a diet pill, it’s much more. Restoring the balance to your gut will make you healthier. From bloating to brain fog to helping the immune system – probiotics will make sure those bad bacteria won’t hold you hostage anymore. You won’t be exposed to all the damage they cause. They won’t make you hungry. It is amazing what those bacteria do for and to our bodies.

My greatest reward is making as many people as possible read this presentation and change their lives for the best. You have to understand, fate has not decreed that you would suffer from bloating, stomach pain, gas and bad bowel movement, overweight, fatigue and so on…

Probiotics are scientifically proven to be an effective treatment for most types of digestive problems. People who take probiotics regularly report having better mood, feeling much less sick and more energetic during the day and sleeping better at night (which is a side-effect of not being bloated all the time).

Most of the probiotics above are sold at a low price at the moment, but that will probably not always be the case. We are waiting for more readers to share their successful probiotic stories.

Sincerely yours,
Jonathan J.

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