Safest Booster Seat

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We understand that your child is undoubtedly the most precious cargo during a drive. That’s why it’s imperative that she remains safe even during the shortest of car drives. Depending on the size and age of your child, you’ll be in need of the safest booster seat to ensure your kid’s wellbeing. 

A lot of parents show negligence 

According to statistics, more 600 children (younger than 12) die in reported car crashes in the United States per year and approximately 100,000 children get injured. More than 30% of the kids that died weren’t buckled up.  

Now, we surely aren’t trying to scare you off. The statistics have been mentioned to show how important child safety is when they’re in a vehicle. And yes, some parents do take kid safety for granted and don’t take the necessary steps required to keep them out of harm’s way especially when it comes to using the safest booster seat to ward off risks of injury. 

What’s a booster seat? 

As the name implies, a booster is a type of car seat that’s meant to give your child a boost to position both the lap and shoulder straps of a car correctly.  

Take note that a booster is different from a baby car seat. A booster is meant for 4-year-olds that also weigh at least 40 pounds. You can continue using it for kids until they’re 8 years old and at least 35″ tall.  

A baby car seat, on the other hand, is meant for children that are much younger. These seats are also rear-facing, unlike boosters.  

Why do you need a baby booster? 

You should never, as a concerned parent, compromise when it comes to the safety of your child. From the seatbelts to the airbags, cars are designed for adult safety. That’s why having a kid onboard means that you need to add safety features yourself.  

As mentioned, the safest booster seat should position your kid in such a manner that the car’s belts can be used appropriately, which means not on the child’s neck and torso to prevent injury when you abruptly halt the vehicle or encounter an accident.    

A booster seat:  

  • Keeps your child safe. 
  • Stops them from moving around inside the car. 
  • Provides them with a safe and comfortable space to nap during a drive. 

Safety features to look for  

When trying to find the safest booster seat for your kid, you’re bound to come across numerous options. The most important rule is to opt for a product from a reliable company. In addition, it is strongly recommended paying attention to the following features:  

Proper Design 

A booster seat is for positioning a kid in the car’s backseat so that the belts can be placed correctly around the child. That’s why the seat you’re going for should have the right dimensions.  

The safest booster seat must include a good side and head protection and an ISOFIX that attaches to the car’s chassis for a more stable grip. 


While safety is important, your child needs to feel comfortable too. So, go for a padded seat. 

Easy to Install 

Opt for a booster that’s easy to install. No one likes to waste unnecessary time trying to fix such a seat inside a car. Not having easy installation is also one of the reasons that make parents not use such a seat because they’re on a tight schedule. 

Easy to Clean 

Kids are known to make a mess. You should purchase a kid booster that’s easy to clean. 


You can’t deem a product as the safest booster seat unless it offers high quality. Search for a seat made of composite materials that ensure a durable build. 

A list of the safest seats 

In 2016, the German ADAC published a safest boosters list based on crash tests it did. The most recommended seats include the following: 

  • Discovery SL,  
  • Kidfix XP II / Kidfix XP II SICT 
  •  Kidfix SL 
  •  Joie Trillo 
  • Maxi Cosi Rodi XP2 
  • Maxi Cosi Rodifix  
  • Recaro Monza Nova 2 ISOFIX 
  • Britax Kidfix XP ISOFIX 

Recommended boosters based on American Industrial Standard: