What You Should Take into Account When Looking for the Safest Infant Car Seat 

The arrival of a baby is indeed a time filled with joy for parents, who’ve been preparing everything for their bundle of happiness. They baby proof the house, buy baby food and read numerous parenting books. However, most new parents feel a bit confused when trying to find the safest infant car seat.   

With numerous models to choose from, parents have to make sure that the seat they intend to buy can keep their child safe.      

Here you’ll get to learn about the main factors you should consider to ensure you’re able to buy the safest infant car seat for your little miracle.   

Why do you need a special seat for your baby?   

You can’t expect a baby to sit properly in a normal car seat. Also, holding your baby or having them on your lap while driving is a big no! The aim of her seat is to keep her secure and in place so she won’t distract you while you’re driving.    

Be advised, a travel car seat for infants is recommended for babies until they reach a height and weight limit considered to be around 22-35 pounds.    

Buying Guide for a newborn baby car seat   

Car seats aren’t sold unless they meet certain government safety regulations. What makes one safer than the other?     

The safest infant car seat is supposed to score well in crush and impact tests. Safety is measured according to three categories which are “basic”, “better” and “best”. To belong to the “best category” the chair has to be constructed from composite materials. Of course, it makes the seat heavier.    

Some seats come with extra safety features, such as passive air bags and side shields.  If you are a safety freak, you will love it, but be prepared to pay extra for these features.   

Based on the Consumer Reports Magazine, seats in the “best” category include Nextfit Chicco, Graco Extend2Fit, Evenflo Sureride 65, Ashe Graco Size4Me 65 and Evenflo Triumph. Some examples of “better” category seats include Peg Perego Convertible, Scenera Next and Maxi Cosi Pria.   

Additional features you should pay attention to   

The safest infant car seat should also be comfortable and easy to use. There are additional considerations parents should take into account before making a purchase. They include the following:   

The Installation – Ensure that the car seat can be properly installed in the car model you drive. You’ll also be switching the seat in and out of different vehicles, so make sure that the installation process is easy.   

The Straps – Your baby will grow, and that’s why the straps of the seat should be easily adjustable. You should opt for straps that won’t require being rethreaded.       

Comfort Of course, your infant needs to be comfortable in the seat. Make sure the padding is soft to touch, and no part of the seat is pressing into your child.     

Easy to Clean – Messiness follows kids. Your baby seat will get messy too. Go for one that is stain-resistant and can be wiped easily.     

To conclude, when trying to buy the safest infant car seat, look for quality, level of comfort, how easy it is to install, and if it meets your budget.