WubbaNub Pacifier – I Didn’t Settle For Less

This amazing invention known as the WubbaNub pacifier combines both a binky as well as a plush toy together into the perfect soother.

This means that it will be much harder to misplace or lose the binky. It is extremely beneficial for busy mothers who might not have time to search for it.

Great Pacifier for Newborn

All mothers know how easy it is for a baby to roll over and spit out their binky. When you give an older infant a binky, if they lose it, they can often point it out. This is not possible with a newborn. That is why, it is even more necessary that the pacifier not get lost while you’re not looking.

Normal soothers can easily roll into places that make it hard to find. But the WubbaNub pacifier rarely gets lost thanks to the plush figure attached to it, and this is what makes it perfect for a newborn baby.

Two For One

Not only is the WubbaNub pacifier a wonderful baby binky, it is also a beloved toy. While the soother is an excellent item all by itself, the plush toy adds another level of soothing. In this way, babies are easy to calm and will remain that way longer.

Cleanup is also a breeze, although you might not think so. The binky itself can be cleaned by submerging it in warm water, wiping it with a sanitary wipe and then letting it dry, or by hand washing it with a gentle dish detergent and then rinsing well.

Some moms have even put the entire WubbaNub pacifier into a mesh bag and washed it in the washing machine. If you choose to do this, make sure to use the gentle cycle and remember to air dry completely. Never use the dryer, as it can destroy the binky portion.