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Learn which products are ideal for your baby based on his or her needs.

The best for your baby

Doing the Best for your Baby

Having a new baby is great fun, but at the same time it entails a lot of responsibility. Naturally, you may not always know if what you are doing is the best for your baby, especially if you are a new parent. will provide you with guidance and useful tips to improve the care for your baby and make your parenting experience easier and smoother. We will review different products directing you to those that are optimal for your baby’s wellbeing while saving you the money you may otherwise spend on inappropriate or unnecessary ones.

A special emphasis is laid on diapers and pacifiers, which, we believe, are the most elementary products you will need in the first few months after your baby was born. You will be able to read reviews on various diapers, pacifiers and other baby accessories and learn the advantage and disadvantage of each specific item in relation to your baby’s needs.

You can find here excellent reviews on baby products including the products’ advantages & disadvantages
Ashley Mitchell New York, NY
What makes this website so great is that it’s written by mothers. Mothers know best what is good for their babies.  
Judy Carter
Judy Carter Boston, MA
Newborns planet helped me decide what I should buy for my baby and what is less necessary saving me time and money.  
Patricia Wright Los Angeles, CA
The blog gives you so much useful tips on so many topics related to raising baby. I learned new things I wouldn’t know otherwise. 
Lisa Hill
Lisa Hill Denver, CO