3 Basic Factors You Must Consider When Choosing a Baby Bottle for Your Child

At one point or another, whether you breastfeed or not, you will have to choose a baby battle. This is an important decision since this bottle will be used by your child on a daily basis. Naturally, you will want him to have the best. 

There are plenty of bottles available on the market, so how will you know which one to buy? Putting aside marketing slogans and commercials, the following lines will provide you with practical and objective guidelines to help you find the most suitable baby bottle.  

1) The materials  It is always preferable to opt for a glass bottle since it is much healthier when it comes to the risk of chemicals emitted after prolonged use, especially compared to plastic bottles. In addition, glass is easier to clean and tends to preserve heat for a longer amount of time.  

When you buy a baby glass bottle, you should pay attention to two things: it has to be shock resistant and light weighted. Eventually, your baby will have to hold it by himself. 

Your second option is a silicone bottle. Although less preferable to glass, silicone is relatively safe in terms of dangerous chemicals. A plastic bottle should be your last option. 

2) The nipple – The first thing you should check is that the nipple can hold the bottle properly. You surely don’t want it to leak. Before buying, ask the seller to fill the bottle you want with water. Then turn it upside down and shake it for a couple of seconds to see if it is properly sealed. 

The second and equally important parameter is latching. Each baby has its own preferences regarding the nipple’s size and shape and you should check to see what goes for your child. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended starting with a large breast-like nipple (especially for young infants or for infants who are used to breastfeeding). If there are no problems, you can later on experiment with smaller nipples.  

3) The Valve  The nipple’s valve is necessary to prevent swallowing air and minimize colic and hiccups, so it is highly advisable to look for a nipple that comes with this feature. Having said that, I suggest opting for a simple valve, since a complex one is difficult to clean and install (incorrect installment may lead to leaking) and there is no guarantee it will function more efficiently. 


The market is flooded with all types and brands of baby bottles. The guidelines mentioned above are meant to help you narrow your choice focusing on those that will fit your baby more than others. However, you should bear in mind that he gets the last word. You can buy what you think is ideal for him and he will not like it. The best you can do is let him choose among a few bottles you liked most.