Recommended Brands of Healthy Biodegradable Diapers To Keep the Environment Clean

For parents who care about the environment, biodegradable diapers are a must. This is for the simple reason that regular diapers will require a few hundred years to decompose. In the meantime, they will pollute the soil with toxic waste that comes from the ingredients used to manufacture them.

Let’s do the math. On average, a baby uses 6,500 – 7,000 diapers till the moment she starts her potty training. Indeed, disposable nappies are a major source of pollution in the U.S. and other developed countries.

So what options do you have if you want to keep your baby clean and at the same time not to pollute the environment? Some parents choose cloth diapers. But these diapers need to be washed after being used. When both parents work, it becomes too difficult.

The second option consists of eco-friendly disposable biodegradable diapers. What makes them eco-friendly? First, they are made of purely natural and organic materials. Second, they do not contain harmful substances, such as perfume, preservatives, petroleum products, bleaches (chloridines) and dioxins.

Biodegradable diapers are not only good for the environment, they are also much healthier for your baby’s skin. The natural materials they are made of significantly decrease the chances that your baby will suffer from diaper rash. More important, the harmful substances found on disposable nappies are carcinogenic, that is, they may cause cancer later on in life.

Brands of biodegradable diapers available on the market

Endy Pandy Diapers – These disposables are considered 100 percent environmental-friendly. Many parents love them and will not replace them with any other nappy no matter what. However, some other parents complain that they do not absorb well enough causing leaks here and there.

Naty Diapers – Made in Sweden, they consist of biodegradable materials only, without harmful substances like phthalates, latex, chlorine, TBT, dioxins, VOCs and perfume.

They are highly recommended for babies with ultra-sensitive skin, especially in cases of atopic dermatitis and baby eczema.

Since wood pulp is their major absorbing material, absorbency is a little less effective compared to Pampers or Huggies. That means you will have to change more often. However, taking into account the ecological and health benefit of Naty diapers, it is highly recommended giving them a try.

Aden + Anais Diapers – You will love the beautiful prints on these biodegradable diapers. Your baby will love their softness. They are cozy and stretchable making them excellent for babies who have just started crawling.

The natural ingredients Aden + Anais diapers contain make them hypoallergenic and safe for babies with skin problems. They are also quite absorbent compared to other environmentally-friendly diapers.

Seventh Generation Diapers – These nappies are designed first and foremost for babies with delicate skin. The environmental aspect is secondary though the materials they are made of make them biodegradable.

A strong seal prevent most leaks. The fabric is non-abrasive making the diapers extra comfortable especially for newborns.

Joone Diapers – These eco-friendly nappies are made in France. They contain SAP, a fully safe and EU regulated material, characterized by strong absorbent qualities to prevent leaks. They do not contain any cosmetic ingredients. All other materials are dermatologically tested to make sure they are safe for babies with delicate skin.

Joone Diapers are hard to find since they are usually not sold on supermarkets. They can be obtained in special shops or ordered online.

Babyganics Diapers – If you are looking for biodegradable diapers and your budget is limited, Babyganics are the best choice for you. Apart from being affordable compared to other eco-friendly nappies, they are highly absorbent and contain no chlorine and dioxin.

One of the additives found in these diapers is neonourish seed oil. Together with other plant-based ingredients, it helps soothe skin irritation. Babies who often suffer from skin rash, will greatly benefit from Babyganics diapers.