A Personal Perspective of a Mother who Chose Blueberry Diapers for Her Babies

Blueberry diapers are a brand of cloth diapers that seeks to put safety first. All materials are 100% safe for your baby’s skin and the elastics used in the product are latex and contaminate free.

The highest quality materials are important in making sure blueberry diapers are safe to use on your baby. That is why this company makes sure all their products are BPA, phthalate and lead free.

Available Products

Blueberry diapers are available as diaper covers, pocket diapers and all in ones, and they are available in sizes from newborn onwards. Whether you have never used cloth diapers at all, or you have used them with more than one child, you should make sure you check these out.

In addition to cloth diapers and their accessories, Blueberry also offers diaper pail covers, nursing pads, wet bags, mattress pads, organic panty liners, organic feminine pads and much more.

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Pros and cons

Blueberry diapers have quite a few advantages that made me want to try them for my babies. For instance, they have some of the most adorable prints you’ll find in the market. They are not just cute, though, they are durable too. I like to wash my baby’s nappies every day and these stand up well to the repeated washing and drying. They even come with a warranty of one year, which makes it nearly worry free.

You can choose from different types of inserts, with all of them being highly absorbent. This helps keep my baby free from leaks, keeping the nappy cover and her clothes clean and dry.

It is also nice that I have the option to choose covers, pocket nappies or all in ones. That means even if you are new to cloth diapers, you will find a product in this line that is not hard to use. And if you still find it challenging, their website offers videos and pictures that help to understand each type and how to use it.

But, with the good, there is also some bad. You might find, as I did, that the inserts sometimes get stuck inside the pocket of the pocket nappies. It can be hard to shake them into the washer, so you have to stick your hand inside.