What You Need to Know about Breast Milk for Sale

Pediatricians and other medical professionals continue to rally behind the mantra: “Breast is Best!” But where does that leave mothers who are unable to reliably produce milk? Moms may be surprised to learn that there is a thriving market of breast milk for sale online. In many ways, these sites provide nutrition essentials for moms while offering women a unique opportunity to sell breast milk to supplement their income.  

Shopping for “Liquid Gold” 

While every mom wants the best for her child, many are unable to produce enough milk to feed their baby. Any number of factors can cause breastfeeding problems like illness, physical discomfort, or simply busy schedules. Formula-feeding is a popular alternative, but some mothers worry about their child missing out on the potential benefits of breast milk. For some, the solution is to buy breast milk online.  

On many sites, women can buy breast milk at rates that can be cheaper than formula and with added health benefits. Milk on these sites comes from mothers who generally confirm that they are non-smokers and disease-free. Donor milk banks offer another alternative for mothers to buy the so-called “liquid gold” by the ounce or in frozen bulk supplies.  

Playing the Milk Market 

For moms with an excess of milk, this exciting new industry gives them a chance to earn extra money with little effort. Breast milk for sale on various sites costs around of $2.50 per ounce and even milk banks pay donors $1.00 per ounce. Many of these transactions tend to be done locally, often with buyers even meeting sellers in person to establish a relationship.  

To conclude, mothers who have wondered what to do with a freezer full of frozen milk after her toddler started eating solid food, now have a solution. By putting her breast milk for sale online, they have an alternative that supplements their income and at the same time helps other women to give their babies the proper nutrition. Everyone wins