Baby Glass Bottles vs Plastic Bottles – Helping You Decide

One of the most important items you will require when you become a mother is a baby bottle. If you breastfeed, you can get along without it for the first couple of months, but sooner or later when your baby weans off breast milk and moves to formula or starts drinking water, you will have to buy a good bottle. At that point, the need to decide regarding glass bottles vs plastic bottles becomes highly relevant.

A few words about plastic bottles

The advantages of plastic bottles are that they are light weight and strong. They can fall without breaking and, therefore, are much more durable.

Harmful substances

A major factors you have to take into account when deliberating over glass bottles vs plastic bottles is Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A (also known as BPA) is a chemical substances used for manufacturing polycarbonate from which hard and transparent plastics products are made.

In the early 2000s, research found that BPA can causes damage to rodents’ brain development and reproductive organs. Later, it was discovered that it is also harmful to fetuses, infants and children as it may cause irreversible brain damage, premature sexual development and obesity.

So if you choose a plastic bottle, make sure that it is BPA free, especially if you intend to fill it with hot milk or sterilize it with boiled water.

Glass baby bottles

When considering glass bottles vs. plastic bottles, many parents opt for the former as they are healthier. Bottles made of glass do not contain toxic substances that can adversely affect your baby. The bottles also last for a long time. You can boil and sterilize them as much as you want. They are not scratched and do not absorb odors.

However, they have some drawbacks. They are heavy and may shatter. Many bottles are, therefore, made of tempered glass. But that makes them even heavier making it harder for your child to grasp without your help.