Why I Chose the Nuby Pacifier for My Baby Boy

After researching several different binkies to find one that works for my youngest baby, I finally settled on the Nuby Pacifier. It really looks appealing for many different reasons and is not too expensive.

It works great for breastfed babies

I was afraid that my baby would not take a binky because he was breastfed, but he loved the Nuby Pacifier. This is because the Nuby nipple simulates a real nipple.

This Binky Isn’t Distracting

Other soothers are made using a two-piece process and I found that this was often very distracting to my baby. At times, when he moved around in bed while sleeping, the noise and movement of the ring piece would wake him up.
That is not the case, however, with the Nuby Pacifier. Since it is made of one solid piece, my baby can now move around anytime without the added distraction. This is a very important advantage.

It’s easy to clean

Thanks to the one-piece design and the material the Nuby Pacifier is made from, it is super easy to clean. Compared to some of the other pacifiers I have tried, water is not trapped inside it (Having said that, I still do not think this baby binky should be put in the dishwasher for washing).

Nipple size is a factor for some moms

I talked with some other moms who thought the Nuby’s nipple size was too big for a newborn. They said it was as big as some of the soothers made for babies who were a year old. My baby has never seemed to mind it, even when he was younger.

A great overall binky

I am glad I decided to try this pacifier. It has really helps sooth my baby and has saved me a lot of sleepless nights. I am definitely recommending it to busy moms, especially those who breastfeed their babies.