What Type of a Mother are You – Test Yourself

Hysterical or calm, old-fashioned or modern? Each mother has her own way of looking at things. Answer the questions below and find out exactly which type of mother you are.

1) How was your birth experience? 
A) Absolutely terrible. I had hours of labors and my baby didn’t cry in the first 10 seconds.
B) Not bad. Up until the doctor gave me Epidural, it was quite difficult. But afterwards, it all went smoothly.
C) It was an amazing experience! I gave birth to the sound of Chinese Zen music. I didn’t need any pain killer whatsoever. My husband and I were telling jokes all the time and didn’t stop laughing.
D) Are you kidding? My water broke while I was in a brasserie with two of my best friends. I almost didn’t make it to hospital in time.

2) What name did you want for your baby?
A) Michael – Plain and simple.
B) Mathew or Etan – something that will fit him best.
C) My husband and I argued a lot. I wanted Orion and my husband wanted Maverick. We finally settled on Xander.
D) For a boy, Byron. For a girl, Hazel.

3) You are in a playground and your baby puts in his mouth something he picked from the floor. How would you react?
A) God forbids! Absolutely not. I’m always around with wipers at stand by to make sure something like that will never happen.
B) Gently asking him to stop.
C) My baby tasted almost everything. What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger.
D) My baby and I don’t spend much time in the playground. There are other places we like to go to.

4) What time does your baby go to bed?
A) At 7 p.m. every evening without exceptions. It is important to maintain a fixed daily routine.
B) Usually between 7:30 to 8:00 p.m., but sometimes it can be later.
C) My baby goes to sleep whenever he is tired. He knows what’s good for him.
D) It depends on what we do in the evening. Sometimes we take him to dinner in our favorite restaurant.

5) The thermometer shows 100.4 °F. What do you think you should do?
A) We rash to the ER.
B) I monitor his temperature and act accordingly.
C) We do not have a thermometer at home. We believe the body can heal itself.
D) Wheatgrass juice is excellent for lowering fever.

6) In the middle of the night you discover you ran out of diapers
A) I send my husband to look for an open store. I won’t let him in unless he comes back with at least 3 packs.
B) It’s not an ideal situation, but I will manage until morning.
C) Excellent opportunity to use cloth diapers.
D) I live near shops that are open 24/7, so there is no problem.

7) Your child is crying hysterically while you are in the supermarket. What will you do?
A) Start crying with him and call my husband for help.
B) I will gently try to calm him down.
C) We will start doing breathing exercises together. I will also give him a Kaffir lime leaves extract to help him relax.
D) I calm him down, but punishes him by cancelling the sushi I ordered for dinner.

8) What you want your child to be when he grows up?
A) An accountant. It’s a stable and high paying job.
B) Whatever suits him best as long as it’s not illegal.
C) A yoga teacher or an artist.
D) I want him to run a successful business.

9) What will upset you about your child as an adult?
A) To find out that he smokes.
B) To discover that he has been involved in an illegal or immoral act.
C) If I know that he eats meat.
D) I will be upset if my son lives in the country.

10) What is the most important thing you will teach your child?
A) To lock the door and never to talk to strangers.
B) To be a good friend and to help others.
C) To meditate at least once a day.
D) To eat with chopsticks. 


If you marked A more than 5 times you are the Hysterical Mother. Every cough makes you rash to the doctor and every crying becomes a crisis. As far as you are concerned, the world is fraught with dangers which your baby must avoid. But guess what – children learn through good but also bad experience, so next time you spend time with your baby outdoors, let him play in the sand. He will probably survive it.

If you marked B more than 5 times – you are the Cool Mother. You know how to balance caution with the need to let your baby experience the world around him. Don’t ever forget to listen to your heart and to your maternal instincts.

If you marked C more than 5 times – you are the Hippie Mother. You believe in nature, love to see your children walk barefoot and prefer living in the countryside. Your children enjoy considerable freedom. You are, undoubtedly, a fun mother, but you should also remember that there is no shame in setting limits for children from time to time.

If you marked D more than 5 times – you are the Urban Mother. The city is where you feel at home and you are probably raising a hipster child. There is nothing wrong with that apart from the need to remember that children need to experience nature once in a while.