Which are the Best Baby Bottles for Gas? How will They Help a Gassy Baby?

It is so very important for mothers to know what the best baby bottles for gas are. If a baby gets too much air as they are drinking their bottle, they are likely to become colicky. It is not only hard for us as mothers, it is also hard for the baby who experiences a painful tummy.   

While there are many remedies for a gassy baby (some of which are quite helpful), it all starts with using the best baby bottles for gas so as to solve the problem before it starts. 

Why Do Babies Get Gas? 

Some babies experience gassiness because they are allergic to milk, or unable to digest it properly. However, a more common reason is that they take in many air bubbles while drinking. The best baby bottles for gas are built to reduce the number of air bubbles in the milk. No more bubbles means your baby will no longer suffer from a painful bowel activity.  

5 most recommended bottles 

I have put together a list of bottles specially designed to help babies who suffer from gases.   

  1. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottle – This is considered one of the best baby bottles for gas thanks to its vent system built in so that air bubbles do not mix with the milk. The bottle remains easy for the baby to feed from, and the system does not allow the nipple to collapse. 
  2. Philips Avent Baby Bottles– New mom’s hardly have the energy to keep up with lots of parts to a bottle system. Avent has only four pieces, the bottle itself, the ring, the cap and the nipple. The nipple has a built-in bent that releases any built up air back into the bottle, keeping it out of your baby’s mouth. 
  3. MAM Anti-Colic Bottle – MAM bottles have an air vent built right into the bottom, keeping the pressure and the air bubbles out of the baby’s milk. As we have learned, fewer bubbles mean less gas. Additionally, the silicone nipple is soft and flexible, much like a real breast, and makes bottle time a soothing experience. 
  4. Comotomo Baby Bottle The nice thing about this bottle is that both bottle and nipple are made of silicone, and, so, are very flexible. This helps reduce gas by not only keeping the bubbles out of the milk, but also by allowing the bottle to collapse while not interrupting the flow of milk. Two anti-colic vents release built up air and keep the baby from becoming gassy. 
  5. Tommee Tippee Bottle  The nipples on these bottles help keep the flow to a slow minimum, so that the baby does not eat too quickly. A baby that is very hungry often eats fast and will usually take in too much air. The nipples for the stage 1 bottles include a valve that releases built up pressure, which also helps. 

This list contains the best baby bottles for gas available on the market. The moment you start feeding your baby with formula, it is recommended trying one or two of them and then making a decision which bottle to use till your child completely switches to solid food.